Sunday, November 29

the devine family *boys galore*

i am a mother of four boys.
boy moms just sort of naturally gravitate towards one another.
this is precisely what happened with renee and i.  we first met when my oldest and her second son started kindergarten.  feels like a million years ago, but then five years does equate to a million  years in boy-raising-land.  anyway, renee is so easy to like.  she is energetic and dynamic and loves her family fiercely.  she first asked me to take portraits of her family when their number three boy was just a baby.  here we are now with that baby as a four year old!
the three boys were truly lovely models - not stiff or sullen, but showing true emotion in how they interact with each other.  i so enjoyed my time with the five devines - thank you for asking me to capturing some new images of your sweet family!

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