Sunday, November 29

the lentzner family

i don't advertise.  and it is not just because i don't want to put out the money for it.
it really is because i just love my clients.  and if i'm going to spend my creative time with anyone else, i want it to be with people that my clients like!

referrals are the best and they are how all my new clients find me.

jamie contacted me a few weeks ago after being referred to me by a mutual friend who also happens to be a favorite client of mine!  after we waded through our busy holiday schedules, we found a time slot that worked and i am so glad we did.  the lentzers are a joyful bunch and laughed and cracked jokes the whole session.  even though it was cold, the light was just gorgeous on my property for our shoot.
thank you for coming out to my place for the session, lentzners!  it was lovely to meet you four and laugh along with you this afternoon.

the devine family *boys galore*

i am a mother of four boys.
boy moms just sort of naturally gravitate towards one another.
this is precisely what happened with renee and i.  we first met when my oldest and her second son started kindergarten.  feels like a million years ago, but then five years does equate to a million  years in boy-raising-land.  anyway, renee is so easy to like.  she is energetic and dynamic and loves her family fiercely.  she first asked me to take portraits of her family when their number three boy was just a baby.  here we are now with that baby as a four year old!
the three boys were truly lovely models - not stiff or sullen, but showing true emotion in how they interact with each other.  i so enjoyed my time with the five devines - thank you for asking me to capturing some new images of your sweet family!

Saturday, November 21

the noble family

It is a true joy to have long-term clients that turn into friends.  I first met Jill about 10 years ago at my dentist's office - she quickly became my most favorite hygienist.  A few months later, she called me up and asked if I would take some family portraits with her three boys.  Of course!  Since then, I have had the great priviledge to capture all three of her amazing sons' senior portraits.  And now that their oldest is married with a brand new baby girl, we met to update that first family portrait we took almost 10 years ago! Thank you for continuing to ask me back, Nobles - I enjoy every minute with your sweet family.

This is what we call a proud uncle.