Friday, December 7

UPDATE: cain family adoption

if you have been keeping up with the blog, you know that our family is the process of adopting our third child from ghana, west africa.

well, people....this.  is.  happening.
head over to our adoption blog to catch up on all the EXCITING news:

thank you to all our clients who have come alongside us in our adoption journey.  even if you didn't know it, 100% of the cain photography profits since January have directly benefitted our adoption efforts.
thank YOU!!!!

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Monday, October 22

mini-sessions #2: adoption fundraiser!

this past saturday when it was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and PERFECT, we had our second round of mini-sessions.  it warms our heart to have so many wonderful clients that come out to support our adoption!  plus, its super dee duper fun for me to see so much pretty through my lens.  :)

these are my rock-star cousins.  they are some of my favorite models...and aren't their poochies cute?!

the next family made me squeal when they busted out the little boy ties.  eeeeek!  i pulled out my mini-couch to bump the cuteness up another notch.

Wednesday, September 26

rainbowland christian preschool *school portraits*

had a blast taking stylized school portraits this morning at rainbowland christian school this morning.  watched as my little josiah sat like a big boy...doesn't he melt your heart?  day two of portraits tomorrow!

a BIG thank you to all the rainbowland families for their support.  100% of the profits from school portraits will benefit our ghana adoption (more information here)!